2 Screenshot 2015-03-12 16.21.10In the week of both the Brighton and London album launch it was great to get an interview and feature on the Cougar Microbes website. As well as writing some nice words, the feature also has a link to the free download of “Hand on my Heart” which you can get below.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the gigs. Your continued support means a lot and we had a blast. Support acts and musicians Joanne Louise Parker, Fiddes Smith , Seadog and Henry Willard were amazing and I was privileged to share a stage with them all.

Charlie Elland from Folkwords has done a lovely album review of Tomorrow, then

“Vingoe’s voice has an edge to it that hovers between perceptive questioning and raw acceptance…taken together this song collection reveals much and delivers more”


as has Sam Lightle from Floatation Suite

“Vingoe’s voice sucks you in and your imagination starts racing…It’s gentle, soulful and wonderfully honest. There’s nothing fake in this album” 8/10

Floatation Suite

Happy to announce that the first single “Fail” off “Tomorrow, then” is now available on ITunes and Indie London gave it a fantastic review –

“a sense of optimism that makes the track quietly empowering and totally endearing. This already feels like a classic song” 4/5.

Indie London







Hello Folks

I am very happy to announce that I have been working hard on a new album called “Tomorrow, then” which is now finished and will be released in February 2015. You can listen and download an exclusive FREE track called “Hand on my Heart” from here

This single features the backing vocals of Sarah from Paper Aeroplanes, a band well worth checking out. Please feel free to share the download on various social networks should you want to. The album was recorded live to tape (YES!) by Phill Brown (Talk Talk, John Martyn, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley etc.) and also features the great musical skills of John Parker on double bass and Martyn Barker on drums. I am very proud of the album and excited to finally share it with you. I feel lucky to have worked with the very talented people who have been involved. I will be doing some touring to promote the album in the new year, and I hope to see you at some of the shows.

All the best