Greetings , it’s been a while . Facebook is where most of the updates happen these days, so my apologies for neglecting this blog. Contrary to popular belief, I have been hard at work this year and there are exciting things in the pipeline. I have been working on a new album which I am looking forward to sharing with you . It has been recorded by the amazing talent that is Phill Brown. I feel very privilged to work with someone who has recorded so many great artists in his time. Certainly not least of all, Phill is responsible for recording and mixing Spirit of Eden by Talk Talk which has been one of the most important albums in my life. I had the great pleasure to work with the excellent musicians John Parker (double bass) and Martyn Barker (drums) as well, and we recorded everything live to tape. The way it should be…

The album will be coming out later this year and I am very excited about it. I hope you find as much to love in it as I have put into it. To coincide with the album’s release I am also really pleased to announce that I will be doing a Scandanavian tour in March and April this year. Details of this are to follow shortly.

Last month I had the great pleasure of playing at the Beautiful Days festival as part of the prize from winning the Acoustic Magazine competition to find the UKs best  Singer-Songwriter. No pressure then…

To be honest I’m not too sure about competition in music as one person’s apples are another’s oranges but I was grateful for the opportunity to play at Beautiful Days. There were also some great prizes including a  posh microphone (DPA) and an Alvarez guitar (more of that later).

I had an amazing time down in Exeter playing the gig with Fiddes Smith on mandolin and Mark Strains on double bass and I hope to get back to this excellent festival sometime.

Apart from playing, festival highlights for me were Seth Lakeman who was headlining on our stage and played a blinder and  also comedy/theatre act “La Navet Bete Napoleon a Defence” who were genius. Festival lowlights were me falling arse over tit in the mud, had to happen to someone.

The pic below is a stage photo of our lovely crowd for the gig, cheers guys

Woah catch up time. Trying to integrate websites together and not quite there yet but very pleased to present the first of a couple of live videos produced, directed and edited by Simon Olivier. It was shot by Dax Debice and Kevin Row. I’m playing in the sterling company of Fiddes Smith on mandolin and Mark Strains on double bass. Big thanks to all involved and I hope you enjoy it.