The milk of human kindness – Scandinavian tour


Just got back from the Scandinavian tour and had an amazing time. 2,748 miles in 12 days according to Google maps, yikes!

Sweden and Norway are both beautiful, scenic countries with lovely people and I feel lucky to have been able to tour around playing my music there. There are too many events for me to process right now but huge thanks to Ola Borglin of Daylight Booking for getting the ball rolling and organising the tour for me. It also wouldn’t have been the same without the House of Trees, a great band who were kind enough to put up with me talking crap in the back of their car for most of the tour, and let me tag along to some of their gigs. Definitely go and check them out live if you get the chance, they won’t disappoint.

Highlight gigs for me were the totally unplugged and magical Earth Hour gig at Fotografiska which I highly recommend visiting. It’s sort of like a Tate Modern for photos in Stockholm. I really liked the Peace and Love Café in Borlange as well, great vibe and some hilarious characters and good people. It was always a pleasure to hear the House Trees when we gigged together. Acoustic Sunday at Pir6 in Kristiansand was a fantastic gig to end the tour with. A lovely if unnervingly quiet audience. There were some excellent acts that played the same night as well, damn that place has some good musicians!

You can check out some tour pics over at

I met lots of new friends, great musicians and people in Scandinavia, too numerous to mention here. All of the audiences were fantastic, but this tour would have been very different without the genuine kindness of all the people I met. People who alongside coming to shows, looked after me, fed me and put me up in their homes sometimes without even knowing me.  This is something I am eternally grateful for and I hope I can return the favour someday, perhaps I already have in my own way. Feeling truly blessed and humbled. Goodbye Scandinavia and thanks, it’s been a riot.